Susan Barton-Tait

I work in a studio in The Cotton Factory, a historic building in Hamilton, Ontario filled with creative people of many disciplines. 

My work is multidisciplinary, incorporating sociopolitical ideas that respond to environmental issues, memories attached to objects,  women’s issues, and the fragility of family dynamics. My practice has evolved around the creation of work from basic/minimalistic materials through a formal structure that stimulates viewer reaction. I manipulate a variety of fibres through weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, making paper, building with wood, sawdust, and other industrial materials to create series’ of forms that are relevant to my hypothesis. Working with my hands inspires my creative process. I love the intimacy and pleasure in the repetitive movements required to make objects. I enjoy the transformational changes in creating new work; the production of the artwork and the serendipitous discoveries that emerge during the process.

For many years I have been investigating the theme of “home” as it applies to my life and the memories that I carry with me. Ideas of fragility, impermanence, tradition, nostalgia, repetition, and monotony in the domestic environment are central to my art practice.

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