“a whisper of warmth”

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‘a whisper of warmth”  in the exhibition NORTH – TwoRivers Gallery, Feb 14-Apr 26, 2015

cast paper firewood in North exhibition, TwoRivers gallery, Prince George, BC
detail view – a whisper of warmth – cast paper firewood woodpile – NORTH exhibition

The NORTH is  a harsh and unforgiving environment where the inhabitants have to be prepared for the winter season.  Firewood stacked by the door, houses insulated from the oncoming thrusts of winter’s winds and food preserved from the summer’s harvest are all images of living in the NORTH.  The image of the logs all piled ready to be burned in the stove to give warmth in the winter was the basis for the artwork.

I have cast individual firewood with paper pulp to represent the logs in a wood pile and have stacked them as they would appear in a wood pile.  The white colour of the individual logs is synonymous with snow and winter. The fragility of the logs equates to the importance of preparation for the severe winter ahead, and the wood pile itself is a testament to the ability of people to live in the NORTH.

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