Pattern Drafting

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marks from pens as they move on the mechanical apparatus arm
Barbara's patterns hanging in storefront studio

Susan Barton-Tait and Barbara Scholz have collaborated to produce an installation, Pattern Drafting, which includes paper dress patterns, audio stories relating to the patterns and a mechanical apparatus which creates circles of colour on paper directly relating to drawing, travelling, and life.   Barbara is divesting herself of her life in Canada and returning to Europe, not Austria where she was born and grew up, but to Portugal, to lead a new life in a completely new environment.

As an artist she had to adapt her art practise to the Canadian reality. She began a dressmaking business that flourished in the harsh northern world. Her patterns were all drafted by hand, requiring a keen eye for shape, line, and transference from three dimensional to two dimensional planes.  Susan has mounted the patterns on the walls of storefront studio highlighting the elegance and line of the drafted patterns. They seem to dance across the space inviting the viewer to ask – what is the story behind the  paper pattern

Barbara recounted the story of Niki’s coveralls, Tina’s Wedding Dress Destiny and Temptation. and the Foal Blanket.  These stories were videotaped and play on the walls of the studio in a continuous loop giving life and meaning to the patterns pieces tacked on the walls.

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