Hair Stories

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Who doesn’t love going to the hair stylist to be refreshed and revitalized?  It is a great treat to come out of a salon feeling reinvigorated and restored to your beautiful self.

Liz, a hair stylist, not only makes you beautiful, she tells amazing stories while she cuts and styles your hair.  Her hands are so expressive, it is a pleasure to watch her work and to listen to her stories.

Here are a few:

My one and only best Christmas present.

the Christmas I got my car- the one and only best Christmas present in 39 years of marriage



Christmas stories: Sweden the dog

Liz gets a dog for Christmas instead of a trip to Sweden.



Naturally curly hair     A story about straightening naturally curly hair with pop can curlers and the humidity ruining it in a moment



A mole in a glass vial.

A hair model cut off her mole and gave it to Liz in a glass vial after a hair styling competition.



Remember when, remember when

A hair model complains about the results of a hair styling competition.



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