kitchen sink & counter

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The final piece of the cast paper kitchen – the kitchen sink, counter and essentials needed to make a kitchen run:  toaster, fruits and vegetables, tea pot, tea cups, bowls, implements, etc..

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  1. MirandaN

    This was greeat to read

    1. Susan Barton-Tait

      Thanks so much.

  2. Joanna Smythe

    Hi Susan,
    I love the draping quality of the paper as it goes over the edges as it flows into the sink. Solid form but feels fluid.

    1. Susan Barton-Tait

      Thanks Joanna. So lovely to hear from you. I hope life is treating you well and that making art is a huge part of it.

      1. Joanna Smythe

        Looking to reboot this year – watch for updates:)

  3. Susan Barton-Tait

    Wonderful news. Will wait for the updates

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