Archaeology 101


Archaeology 101, Prairie North, Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, AB  2004

Archaeology 101 was the first phase of a project of archaeological excavation. I wanted to uncover the hidden histories of a place, the forgotten stories and secrets of objects uncovered.

During my residency at Prairie North, I designed a simple, basic method of archaeological excavation, a starting point for anyone wanting to explore their own archaeological sites. The grounds of the Grande Prairie College campus became my archaeological site. I started the project with a freedom to explore, finding interesting objects that had been left behind. With each new discovery, stories were formed and the secrets of the past were uncovered. The found objects were cast in paper pulp, creating a skin that embraced the mysteries of the object and the place.

Travelling Exhibition – Archaeology 101, Prairie North, Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB 2005-2007

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