The Ladies: Isabella

Exhibition title: The Ladies: Isabella
Storefront Studio, 1144 4th Ave, Prince George, BC, August 25- November 1, 2016
“The legacy of Isabella McKenzie is built of pulp and human spirit. The story is almost wordless.
The Ladies illuminates Barton-Tait’s ancestry,   FRANK PEEBLES / PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN  AUGUST 23, 2016

The Ladies: Jean, Rita & Helen

An exhibition curated by Maeve Hanna, work by Susan Barton-Tait

The next exhibition in the series “The Ladies” curated by Maeve Hanna featured the Ladies: Jean, Rita, and Helen, Isabella’s daughters.

Rita was a teacher, bookkeeper, single mother, grandmother, breadwinner for Isabella and Helen, holder of the ancestral memories;  Jean was a nurse,  an independent woman, a financial whiz, a traveler;  Helen was also a nurse, a great storyteller, and a very funny person.  Their lives reflect the lives of women after the two world wars and during the depression – they were independent, resourceful, thriving on their abilities to survive whatever life threw their way with humour and intelligence.