The Library Project  curated by Shirley Brown and involving 26 artists, travelled to galleries throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan for two years

I received the Book of N from a complete encyclopedia to produce a work of art using the book itself or an idea from the book .

New Brunswick, my birth province, is a unique and diverse region located on the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with the state of Maine, as well as the provinces of Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Known for its bilingualism, both French and English languages are widely spoken in this province.

The abundance of natural resources in New Brunswick offers a wealth of opportunities. The fishing industry thrives due to the province’s proximity to the ocean, while forestry plays a significant role in the economy. Additionally, New Brunswick boasts a large paper-making industry, which has been a part of my family’s history.

Inspired by my family’s involvement in the paper industry, I ventured into the creative realm and found passion in making handmade paper goods. One of my creations is a unique paper box, crafted with embossed bilingual sheets of paper. I incorporated tree bark from the trees that are used to make newsprint in New Brunswick into both the individual sheets of paper and the box itself.

The box represents the rich cultural and natural heritage of New Brunswick. It showcases the province’s bilingualism and the connection to its abundant natural resources.