A geurilla art installation

Installation of upcyled clothing

storefront studio, Prince George, 2014

I restyled found clothing and fabric while my studio was empty due to an exhibition. I visited thrift shops and found fancy fabrics and clothing which became new garments . I created a boutique-like atmosphere in my studio by hanging the garments in a shop atmosphere. Even though I didn’t have any sizes or plans to sell the garments, the installation attracted a lot of pedestrian traffic and sparked interest and conversation. People knocked on my door and wondered when the boutique was opening.

Clothing inspired by the fusion of diverse cultures

In the northern region of British Columbia, an astonishing celebration of cultural convergence is taking place. Emerging from the depths of thrift stores, a remarkable fashion trend is on the rise. Clothing, meticulously designed and hand-sewn from saris sourced from these thrift stores, symbolizes the harmonious blending of diverse worlds.

These one-of-a-kind garments tell a captivating story of cultural appreciation and environmental consciousness. Set against the backdrop of Northern British Columbia, where cultures intersect and intertwine, this movement serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty that emerges when different worlds collide.

The lovingly upcycled saris, carefully selected from thrift stores, are transformed into unique creations that showcase the rich heritage and craftsmanship of various cultures. Each thread weaves together stories of unity, solidarity, and the celebration of diversity.

Through this vibrant fashion revolution, the wearers of these sari-inspired garments symbolize their commitment to embracing multiculturalism and the shared values that bind us all together. With every stitch, they celebrate the beauty within every culture, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

So, as you pass through the streets of Northern British Columbia, keep an eye out for these stunning creations. Adorned with the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of far-off lands, these garments serve as a visual testament to the power of embracing diversity and the magic that happens when cultures meet. Let us join hands in celebrating this beautiful amalgamation of cultures, embodied in the sewn tales of thrifted saris.