Archaeology 101,

Prairie North, Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, AB  2004

Archaeology 101 was the initial phase of a fascinating archaeological excavation project. Its aim was to uncover hidden histories, forgotten stories, and secrets that lay buried within a specific location.

During my residency at Prairie North, I devised a straightforward yet effective method for conducting archaeological excavations. I chose the expansive grounds of the Grande Prairie College campus as my designated site for exploration. This project granted me the freedom to delve into its depths, discovering intriguing objects that had been left behind over the years. With each newfound artifact, captivating narratives began to take shape, gradually unraveling the secrets of the past. To capture the essence of these objects and their connection to the site, I encased them in paper pulp, creating a tangible representation that reverently embraced the mysteries they held and the place they were from.

Archaeology 101,

Exhibition: Prairie North Residency, Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB 2005-2007